Wine Spectator's "Next Wave of Oregon Vineyards"

Our History

The Wacken family owned this property for 50 years, and the Biezes have owned it for 35 years.  The mail box still says Wacken on one side. We are slow to change things. The farm house and barn were built around 1905 and are still standing straight and true, unchanged except for some fresh coats of paint. A 1941 International pickup that came with the property rested under a fir tree in a field here, well worn and rusted, and has since been restored. This was once part fir trees and part prune orchard, plus an area of scattered walnut and holly trees. It is now a striking vineyard planted on sloping hillsides.

We developed the land, worked the soil, and moved tons and tons of boulders. This is a vineyard we planted on ground we have owned for a long time. It is a vineyard a mile and a half up a gravel road, where you can see mountains in the distance — a vineyard in which the Bieze family takes great pride.